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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Section 46 and Shutdown - Split Tape (Tape Rip)


Here's some Section 46 and Shutdown, sorry I don't have the cover for this demo. Enjoy...

01. Section 46-Somewhere To Go (Fade In)
02. Section 46-Class Domination
03. Section 46-I Don't Mind
04. Section 46-The Day Has Come
05. Section 46-Terry Sold
06. Section 46-Spine Grind
07. Section 46-Promise Unfulfilled
08. Section 46-War on the VPD
09. Section 46-Law Enforcement
10. Section 46-America's Prayer
11. Section 46-Closer Than You Think
12. Shutdown-Plastique
13. Shutdown-Road Block
14. Shutdown-Ritchie's Outta There
15. Shutdown-Final High
16. Shutdown-Wife Beating Man
17. Shutdown-Natural High

Info here...


  1. Awesome, thanks for posting this bit of Victoria punk history. What other S46 demos do you have and is it possible to see them posted too? Because I'm a demanding old nagging bastard.

  2. Just so you know there's a track listing error when the file gets unzipped. You've got "Promise Unfulfilled" listed as "Spine Grind" and as a result are missing the title to the song between "Promise" and "War on the VPD". Oh and the song "Terry Sold Spine Grind" is just called "Terry Sold" (obviously where the lone "Spine Grind" came from).

  3. Oops.... OK, send me a track listing, it's real hard to understand what tracks are which at this point. :)

  4. Sure thing

    1)Somewhere To Go
    2)Class Domination
    3)I Don't Mind (the only Rob N song recorded by S46)
    4)The Day Has Come
    5)Terry Sold Spine Grind
    6)Promise Unfulfilled
    7)the mysterious nameless track, not too many lyrics so it's hard to say, I'm calling it "Money Talks Freedom Walks" for now.
    8)War on the VPD
    9)Law Enforcement
    10)America's Prayer (my fave S46 track)
    11)Closer Than You Think

  5. So I just found out from Mr Nesbitt that Track 7 is actually the end bit/outro for Track 6 "Promise Unfulfilled" and not a separate song. Interesting but it makes sense.

  6. YIKES!!! I must look at this when I'm sober, I just noticed all the comments, again. I should ask Dustin if he remembers the track listing or something. :)

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