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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Fine Options - Outer Space

192 kbps/MP3

Mike Hayward requested it, so I'll post it for him. :) I'm actually looking for this CD (might find it used at Lyle's Place), plus better copies of all the albums they posted on their website for free download. I used to have them, but I got rid of all my 128 kbps rips. Enjoy...

01. The Hyjynx and the WhatHaveYou
02. The People See Darkness
03. Talkin' Baliwood Samurai Ninja Massacre
04. Jettison Into Space
05. For All Us Gnomes
06. Death By Car
07. So Sad
08. Evaporated Apparition
09. Dr Schism
10. Wally Anderson
11. Bright Awful
12. Whiskey Hellcatz

Info here...

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