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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Tide - Live at the F.O.E. Hall, Victoria, B.C. (Canada) 09-21-84

MP3/320 kbps

If you can help me figure out what the unknown tracks are called, please E-Mail me: griphin (at) shaw.ca. I would like to thank rcknhs at Noise Addiction for offering this gig on his blog. I wonder if he has anymore bootlegs of Victoria bands?!? This live recording was not cleaned up FYI. Enjoy...

01. It's More a Feeling.mp3
02. Kelp and Salal
03. title unknown
04. title unknown (2 songs are on this track)
05. Sata Mari Marushi
06. Whatcha Gonna Do? (New Song (I guessed on the title))
07. For the Good of the Province (Alt. Lyrics)
08. title unknown
09. Ceremony (New Order)
10. I Have a Dream (Live Jam) (New Song, another guess at song title)
11. Knockin on Heavens Door (Bob Dylan)

Info here...

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