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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Atrocity - Out From the Pink into the Brown (Tape Rip)

All songs by: Long, Marshall, Morrison & Schwam

Atrosity are:
Charles Manson - Voice & Caffiene
Ben-Wah - Guitar, Slotz & Labels
Rusty Schlong - Drums & Bong
Seymor Hair - Bass & Stool Sample

Atrosity use their dicks because they want the best
(C)(P) 1988 Violators will be given enemas!
Party noises in F----- On by Atrosity
Bong Hit intro by Charles

Thanx and hello to: Scott Henderson for being an ultra-laid back dood, Tolan, John, Stiv and Stretch Synnuck of Mission of Christ, Dave Ee-Ton, Joey (Six Feet Under), Spud & The Dayglo Abortions, Loonburger Dave Knight, Alex Morrison, Monk Chris Locker, Jake Crisis, Jason & Tony & Section 46, Simon & "Jesses" Ski & Tammy Jason, Tim & Deranged, Paul Turner, Brian Baines, Spermicide, Face of Death.

Side: Pink
01. F---'d on Friday
02. Flash Cooked Jesuites
03. Sick S---
04. Beer Slutz

Side: Brown
05. Have Ya Heard?
06. Vehicular Manslaughter (Also written by C. Locker)
07. Stole Yer Pipe

08. Bonus Track
09. Party Noises

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