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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Meatlocker Seven - Corrode


I was going thru my MediaFire account and noticed I already uploaded a number of local demos as I used to contribute to the Lockjaw music blog, so here's a demo from the account, Corrode.

Meatlocker Seven started in 1995 under the lineup of: Tony Oliveira [Guitar & Vocals], Mike Selman [Guitars], Steve Migliarese [Bass & Vocals], Dave Askins [Drums], Aaron Clark [Vocals]. Meatlocker Seven brought on their hybrid of heavy metal and punk to Victoria, BC CANADA. The following year, Steve Migliarese replaced Luke Boas on bass & vocals, Dave Askins replaced James Munro on drums and Aaron Clark joined on vocals. Meatlocker Seven then released the bands debut full-length, Corrode, in 1997. The band gets their name from originally practicing in a Meatlocker which was numbered seven (and a lot of other bands in Victoria, BC practiced at the Meatlocker before the place burned to the ground, I think it was a huge freezer for storing meat). Unfortunately, Meatlocker Seven split up June, 2006. (Grabbed from my Lockjaw contribution...)

01. Corrode
02. Nine
03. Imprisoned
04. Ground Level Sleep
05. Self
06. Stricken
07. Reversal

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