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Friday, October 28, 2011

Mission of Christ - Live at Harpo's (Victoria, BC) 88-02-01 (Soundboard)

MP3 / 192 kbps

I was trying to hunt down any information regarding Sludge Confrontations, when I accidently found this gig at Guitars.com in the Lossy Audio Bootlegs section, which apparently came from torontothrash.blogspot.com (Toronto?), I took a listen to it, the songs sound amazing (they even do a Minor Threat cover). I really liked this gig, so if there are more MoC live bootlegs floating around please get ahold of me. Have a good weekend!!!!

01. Ashes of the Earth
02. The Return
03. Skies of Revelation
04. Nocturnal Serenade
05. Crypts of Darkness
06. Post Mortem (Slayer)
07. Disbelief
08. No Reason (Minor Threat)
09. Nightmare Beyond
10. To Oblivion
11. In Silence

Info here...


  1. Very intrested in hearing this. I played drums for bot moc and sludge

  2. Oh hey John, how you doing? Yeah, good sounding gig!

  3. Outta curiosity, were any other gigs recorded?!? I know Ricky Jak found me Live at Kennedy Hall 87.

  4. there was or is one from the fernwood that we played with d.o.a that was killer but who knows who has it/?

  5. Wow!! Thanks for sharing this rarity!!