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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Sweathogs - High Test Punk

MP3 / 192 kbps

OK, time to post a new demo, here are The Sweathogs - High Test Punk. Still looking to actually buy this CD so I can make a better copy of it (I still love listening to it). Enjoy, oh and Merry Christmas.

01. Don't Go (To the Casino).mp3
02. Ain't Going Out
03. High School Girls
04. Dank
05. Smells Like Green Spirit
06. Good Times
07. Middleman
08. Crispy Crunch
09. Viva Marijuana
10. Maxamillion
11. Farmer Joe
12. All She Wanna
13. Cafe Royale
14. Supposed To Be
15. BC Bud

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