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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

L.I.D. - 100 Pints of Lager EP


I wonder why I never posted this demo, or anything from LID before. This is a fun demo to listen to, I just wish I could actually buy it, ah well, if anyone has this demo, I'd gladly borrow it from you (I'm even willing to buy the CD). L.I.D. is a 3 piece punk/fast rock band from Victoria, BC, Canada. L.I.D. have been around since late 1994. L.I.D. have one video on much music its for the song Camero off of Beer Mug On. We have toured Canada with another in the works,,if you see that L.I.D. is coming to your town make sure to make it out! Spread the word not the Terd and see you in the pit. Later. L.I.D. (Taken from: http://music.cbc.ca/#/artists/LID)

01. At the Show
02. BBJ's
03. King of the Blue Angels
04. Dukes
05. Fight N Drinking Friday Night
06. Heart Break Kid
07. Beef Tone
08. Keith Richards
09. Tree o Gold
10. No Doubt
11. Oi!
12. Power is For Assholes
13. Sandwitch Man
14. Saturday
15. Settle Down
16. Special Blend
17. 50's Car Chase
18. Andy Seibert Project
19. Kill Yer Family

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