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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Section 46 - By Myself (ReCleaned Tape Rip)


Rob Nesbitt asked on our Facebook profile if I could post the Section 46 - By Myself demo up on the blog, so I listened to the copy I had, sounded horrible, I had to run it thru the filters to get rid of the annoying bursts of white noise, and I also needed to bring the volume down. After a few hours, it's done. Worth a listen at least, enjoy!! (love to get the original demo...)

01. By Myself
02. Lost Cause
03. Beliefs
04. Break
05. End the Hate
06. Different This Time
07. Free World
08. Jody
09. Heart of Darkness
10. One More Song
11. Gone
12. Another Time
13. Are We Losing Hope
14. Riffs For Money
15. Take Away Our Rights
16. Saving Grace
17. Hope and Rage
18. Inheritance
19. Everytime
20. Punk Song

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