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Monday, May 7, 2012

Tim - Green Lego (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Here is some early Tim, this is a very cool demo. Sorry, don't know too much about this band or this demo.

tim is: Mike - Guitar, Vocals
           Stupid - Guitar, vocals
           Zane - Bass, Vocals
           Seb - Drums

Recorded February, 1997 at Camosun College, Victoria, BC by Leah McGill.

Thanks: Leah, Jon (Guitar), Trevor, Jym, Special Olympics, Special Presentations, Last Laugh, Jamie (Coastline), Marcus (Limit), BMX, skateboarding, porn, Homer, family, friends and happiness.

01. Useless Life
02. Empty the Ashes
03. 2B
04. Million Ways
05. Bust a Nut
06. Dustpan
07. Beerman
08. Supertiming

Info here...

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  1. Wow. Thanks for this. I sang and played guitar in this band for about 8 years. I ripped this for for myself, but I think your version is better. :P