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Friday, February 7, 2014

L.I.D. - Still Hasn't Gotten Wierd Enough For Me (Promo)

Been meaning to upload this demo for awhile now. This I think is different from the actual CD that got released, as I bought it from Glen Bitters month's before the CD got released. In any case, I always liked this CD, enjoy. (hope Glen doesn't get pissed I posted the demo...)


01. Hillside
02. Dave
03. Gladstone
04. Lost My Beer
05. Web Cam Girls
06. Jim Atomic ((Gin and Tonic?!?!?!?!?!))
07. Medium Pace
08. Skiing With Elvis
09. Wasting My Days
10. She's Buying
11. Shave Yer Beard
12. Bill Nelson
13. Boozehounds
14. Too Many People
15. Go
16. L.I.D.

Info here...

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