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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Alcoholic White Trash - Out of Key 'n' Out of Time (Soundgarden 2002-11-02)


Ratboy Roy posted the following the other day from his Face(d)book account:
So after the 14 best years of my life me and the boys in AWT have decided to pack it in. Its sad in a way but it feels totally right in a bunch of other ways. For me personally I dont have the drive to play that style of music and show on a regular basis and so I think our shows would have become versions of our shows as far as my performance goes. Right now we can walk away knowing that whether we played a show to 2 people or a 1000 people AWT always put a no bullshit punk thrash show. So if you havent seen the shit show or you just wanna see it one last time WE HAVE 2 SHOWS LEFT!!! MAY 24TH AT FUNKYS!!!
And TBA on the island.
And I love singing and performing way too much to stop for long so Im sure I will be opening up a show in some crappy rock and roll style s*** at Logans soon enough.

Cheers mofos

...so  I figured I'd post the only live set I have of the band (ty Garry Brainless). This Soundgarden set had 2 other bands at the gig, Burnside Brawlers (have that gig) and Powerclown (don't have),

Too bad this band didn't last as long, though I did know Jay Brown (R.i.P.) (I went to high school with the guy, albeit he was there for a month I think), Here's some trivia: When I was at Edward Milne Secondary School one day Jay showed up with a bright blue mohawk. Course all the rockers in Sooke, BC didn't like someone as punk rock as that, so he faked a British accent, even though he was never from the UK. In any case, enjoy the gig.

Here is some information about the band, courtesy last.fm...
A.W.T. started as the band Jumbo Prawn. Sean Womsley, main songwriter of Jumbo Prawn, inspired the change of name, writing the song “Alcoholic White Trash”. The band quickly came to adore and sing this song all the time, distinguishing it from their set. One night at a buddies stag party they realized that it was a fact, they were all Alcoholic White Trash, and proud of it. And thus begun the drinking team, admist the beer puke and punk rock. The birth of AWT.

Years later the band is still going strong and has many members from Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo, Florida, Prince George, Edmonton, and even a fucking member in Vietnam. In 1999 the members were all playing in different projects: Knuckles was playing bass for Drunk Tank, Gene-o and Roy were playing for the Ted Bundy Project, and Jay for the Bonerdogs. They played shows together all the time and all got along pretty well. All of the bands then broke up nearly at the same time, and the members drifted towards something new to do. Jay, Gene-o and Roy were A.W.T. guys already, Knuckles aint the club kinda guy, and they figured “what the fuck it’s a cool name lets call the band Alcoholic White Trash”.

The very first song they was the self-titled Alcoholic White Trash. It shared only the name with Jumbo Prawn’s tune. It is still the song they end their sets with. Many crowd members at shows sing along as the show ends, an act supported by the band. They are still making music, not making any money, drinking our faces off, and playing in smelly little bars that they love. They are willing to play shows now for beer, gas money, and somewhere they can crash
Track listing...

01. Everybody Thinks Your an Idiot
02. Reborn Alcoholic
03. Flirt
04. Angie's Abortion and Barstool
05. Suck My Dick Bitch
06. Halloween (Danzig)
07. 4-Free
08. Sex is Fukt
09. Boozing and Hungry
10. Cancer & Blem De La Blanc
11. Zero Days & Counting
12. I Can't Skate
13. The Great Muppet Caper
14. Offbeat Magazine Sucks
15. Masogany By Default & AWT

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