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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Top 20 list for May 25, 2014

I actually want to develop a webpage which lists the demos that have been downloaded, but I need to re-learn how to program HTML. So here is a quick and dirty list.

My thanks to Jason Flower for giving me this idea a year or so ago, course I ignored what he had to say, dumb ass I am...

Stats correct up to May 23, 2014

Fratricide - Fratricide
Cerebral Hemmorage - Demo '86
Mission of Christ - Live at Kennedy Hall 87 (1987-01-09) (Crowd Recording)
Mission of Christ - Rehersal 1987-02-26 (VDRP Remaster)
Demonation - Demonation
Enchanted Faeries - Enchanted Faeries
Bronze - Before the Sunburst
Meatlocker Seven - Corrode
Explosive Rage Disorder - Explosive Rage Disorder
Meatlocker Seven - Depression Earth EP (Un-Mixed)
Mission of Christ - Silence in Grave (Yellow Tape) & Demo 89 (Re-Cleaned)
Gallow's End - Spirit Mocking Flesh (Unmastered)
Explosive Rage Disorder - The Strong Violent Type
Machine Gun Kelly - Fantasize about Nihilism
Show Business Giants - Gold Love (Cleaned Tape Rip)
Daddy's Hands - Tutankhamun
Mexican Power Authority - I Just Want it to be Easy Plus 100 year Old Shack EP
Hudson Mack (Something Wrong) and Goat Boy (War Against Oppression) Split CD
Mission of Christ - Live at Harpo's (Victoria, BC) 1988-02-21
Moral Decay - To Build an End 5-Song Demo (Cleaned Tape Rip)

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