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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ex-Dead Teenager - An Unreleased Album

MP3/192 kbps

Here's one of Steve McBean's projects, Ex-Dead Teenager - An Unreleased Album. Not bad actually, too bad this didn't get released. Enjoy...

01. 13'th Century
02. It's Only a 3
03. Love Aint Dead
04. Kill the TV Screens
05. Tap Wire
06. Verse One
07. Armchair
08. Steel Wool
09. Testicle Outrage
10. Afternoon Corpse Drawl
11. Cowboys in the Rain
12. Bon Scott
13. Small Comforts
14. When in Rome
15. 13th Century Part 2

Info here...

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  1. I noticed you don't have "It's Okay to Laugh At People Wearing Gas Masks." Are you looking for that?