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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Micky Christ - Micky Christ (MC1)


Here's the first demo from Micky Christ (MC1). I apologize about the cover, I could of sworn I had the original demo, but it seems I don't?!? Anyhow, enjoy...

01-Micky Christ
03-Trevor Guk
04-Foreign Policy
05-We Want It ALL
06-Sportin Jordy
08-Scared Song
09-Pak Ice
10-Get a Fuckin' Brain
11-Tribal Dance

BTW: This demo features the ax werk of Terry Van Fleet (I think that's his full name), you know, that poor victim of the drunken fucks that hit him as he was biking home on Blanschard in their truck. The one where the cops showed up at the drivers place the next morning, they found Terry in the back of the truck. The drivers didn't realize they hit anyone, what's strange about that I ask?

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