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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meatlocker Seven - The Biological Mechanism of Hate



Simply an amazing CD from a band that is no more. I had this CD at least 6 month's before I bought it at the CD release party when it was at the Upstairs Lounge on Wharf street (I got beat up the night before in front of Swans, so was on T3's, but the pull of draft beer broke me down so I ended up drinking near the end, though I showed up 2 hours early, I tend to do that for some odd reason). Opening band was Bronze, where I made the statement, "If Black Sabbath were from Colwood, they would be Bronze!". Simply an amazing night, ya know it's too bad gigs these days weren't as cool. BTW: Mike signed my CD, I asked him not to cause I don't collect autographs really, even though Bonehead signed my Feed USA Fetus album, I think the only autograph I asked for was when I took my Dayglo Abortions Holy Shiite!! album/vinyl down to Pair-O-Dice and asked Dustin to sign it, cause he did the artwork for the album :) Wow I just realized there isn't a bad track on this CD, like serious, it picks up after Vague Impression, and I do believe Ground Level Sleep actually was on there first CD, Corrode (and gosh, it was :). Pyroclastic Flow has probably one of the funkiest bass riff's, thanks in no part to Mr. Hell, who's doing god knows what project these days (I lost track, blame my head injury :) Anyhow, enjoy this rare treat!

04-Vague Impression
05-Ground Level Sleep
07-Against the Dying
08-Lines of Blood
09-Pyroclastic Flow

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