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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lootbag - 10th Kid (Cleaned Tape Rip)

Info: http://www.mediafire.com/?g1wrolkphlqei8d

I received a message from Caleb Fraser, asking if I could post some Lootbag, I know I recieved 2 demos from this band, Next 15 km and 10th Kid (this demo). Did they release any other demos?!? Now I don't know what the people from Lootbag think about someone posting their old material, though. Enjoy...

01. The Fuckin Mall
02. This One
03. Ed Rocks Hard
04. Skip One
05. Whatever Happened to Fawn?
06. Holy Shit
07. 5 Banana
08. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
09. Mike Makes Rice
10. Heard They Were Cops
11. Jan
12. Our War
13. Our Lives
14. Hate
15. The Joker (Steve Miller Cover)

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  1. The two demos were it for Lootbag IIRC. When Jason the drummer (in both S46 and Lootbag) left the band they got Luke from Goatboy and became Nothing To Lose. That's one thing I'll always give Tony credit for, whenever one of his bands lost a member they generally would reform under a different name (the exception being when S46 lost their first bass player who's name was Chris I think). I can't speak to his reasons but knowing what I do of him I think it was his way of acknowledging how important his bandmates were even though he was seen as being the face if you will of the band. Pretty cool of him at any rate.