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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dreadnaut - Deliverance (Demo) (Tape Re-Master)


Here is Dreadnaut - Deliverance, apparently one of the most evil demos that ever came out. Originally I remastered it really drunk, which I don't recommend people do, cause I listened to it the next day and it sounded plain horrible (I also burned off 17 copies of the badly mixed demo). Then, after the assault (once I went thru the year and a half of therapy so I could walk again/be normal) I re-ran it thru Steinberg Clean to drop the levels so you could listen to it. I also created the front cover, one of my first covers I've done, wish I had the original image but I don't (looks cleaner IMO) so I scanned in the copy I have. So here is the result.

01. Existance is Futile
02. Forgotten Horrors
03. All Hail the Word Flesh
04. Secretional Agony
05. What If We're Right???
06. Orchestrated Orgy
07. Digging Our Own Graves

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