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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laying Waste - The Forklift Sessions (VDRP Remaster) (VBR)


Been meaning to clean this rip up for quite awhile now, finally I got around to doing it. From what I was told, it was recorded in a warehouse, where there was a forklift. When recording the demo, unfortunately the Forklift let out a high pitched whine. I didn't know what to use on the rip, until I got ahold of iZotope RX and that seemed to get rid of most of the whine. I've also made the rip a little more quieter then it originally is. I dunno, really. *UPDATE* Apparently Jym appreciated hearing the rip, as many of the songs never got recorded *shame really*. Enjoy...

*UPDATE!!!* This is a new rip, I added the Canvas Killer track from the Give Us a Break 7 comp. to it, I should of done this earlier, so enjoy it!!!

01. No Remorse
02. Never Been Shunned
04. Size of Watermelons
05. Step Up
08. Ignorance is Dangerous
10. Tautological
12. Don't Dream Its Over (Crowded House)
13. Down With You (Shutdown)
15. At Your Funeral
16. Without Know
18. 3 Plot Theory
29. Support Magnet
33. High Noon
34. 1UpManShip
38. 24/7 Shift at the Shit Factory
40. Self Control is Self Taught
46. Drowning in You
47. False Sincerity
53. Canvas Killer (Bonus Track (Give Us a Break 7))

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