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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Machine Gun Kelly - Fantasize About Nihilism (VBR)


Get this. I was chatting with Tiemen at Talk's Cheap earlier. He was chatting about the upcoming Open Relationship gig with some customers (think I can remember names?!?) and where is it being held, so he said it was happening at the Cambie (I'm surprized there still doing punk gigs, Cambie management (from the mainland, NOT Esquimalt, I love the Cambie!!!!) is fuckin' horrible, nuff said :), anyhow, I mentioned there was this band from Victoria that did a song about The Cambie, Tiemen didn't believe me, so here is the proof. I saw this band once (and I was really drunk when I saw them), bought this CD off them that night, there a really nice buncha kids IMO, I wonder what happened to the band? This is an awesome demo, nuff said.

01. Fantasize About Nihilism
02. These men
03. The Cambie
04. Existentialism
05. Disposable Youth

Info here...

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