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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mission of Christ - Silence in Grave (Yellow Tape) and Demo 89 (Re-Cleaned Tape Rip)


Here is Mission of Christ - Silence in Grave (Yellow Tape) and Demo 89 (Re-Cleaned Tape Rip). Originally Silence in Grave had a bad case of white noise, so I ripped the demo, then ran the filters on it. Sounds a lot better then it did.

(From the tape...) Thanx to Gary "Brainless" Bryam and everyone at the Rats Nest, John Hircock and Lorne Wright of Overkill Radio, Ricky "Flower Tattoo Boy" Long, Ken Banner, Ken Jensen, Bruce Peaker, Tim "Slammin' Gash" Crow, Chris Buck, Marcus "O" Pollard, Tolan McNeil, Blake McKenzie, Kevin Wright, Mark "Hey Dude" Morrison, Tom Zarzecki and Speed Corps. Fanzine, Dale Grove, Deborah Mitchell, Rene Milord, Kim Kinakin, Zoot, Rigor, Ed Mohan, Kelly Solar, Alex Morrison, Rob Nesmith, Dave (Whatever Your Last Name Is), Sara and Razor, Tammy and Ski, Traci Lords, Wellington Boot, Dayglo Abortions, Red Tide, Karrion, Armorus, Wiiches Hammer, Resistance, No Means No, Dan, Stinky, Eric and Eugene of Fratricide, Long + McQuade, Paul + Tiger Mountain Tattooing, Friendly Chinese people at Store, Early Morning Hoots, Waldo, Sex, Caite Kalahan, Sara Ross, Chantelle, Pags, Sheena, Anja Stevens, Nicci, Not, Cheese Metal, Pizza, Greek Food, 7 Eleven.

Extra special thanx go out to Scott Henderson for making this possible, The Dayglos, Gary Bryam Again and Love Goes Out To U.R Parents for Support - Understanding...

No Thanx To Frustrated Fingers...

01. Intro and Nocturnal Serenade
02. To Oblivion
03. World of Destruction
04. Crypts of Darkness
05. Skies of Revelation
06. Lovelust
07. Nightmare Beyond
08. Never To Be (Tape Crunch) (Demo 89)
09. Crypts of Darkness (Demo 89)
10. Ashes of the Earth (Demo 89)
11. Disbelief (Demo 89)

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