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Monday, May 16, 2011

Show Business Giants - Gold Love (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Here is Show Business Giants - Gold Love, this is there first album.
The Show Business Giants began life as a collaborative in-joke between ex-Neo Steve Bailey and failed restauranteur Tom Holliston. Combining acerbic wit and chord changes much too complicated for "The Five-Fingered Ones", as they referred to their fellow-Victorians, they wrote songs about jerks and disease, with only one criterion: if Bailey had to stop rehearsal in the midst of a new work's unfolding to facilitate, they knew they were "on to something." Conscripting to their ranks mandolin player Scott Hendersomething of skatepunks Shovlhed, they recorded their first cassette, Gold Love at Hendersomething's Dollhouse Studios. The tape was outsold in its first quarter only by Suicidal Tendencies and the amazing Neil Diamond. One of the songs, "My Girlfriend's A Robot", was later a big hit for SBG hometown coevals, puck-rockers The Hanson Brothers. (taken from: http://www.gorankem.com:4000/artists/407515-Show-Business-Giants) Enjoy...

01. My Girlfriend's a Robot
02. Death of a Dayglo
03. Bitter Dregs
04. Rust Spreads
05. Big Hair
06. House Party at John Wright's
07. Papa's Got Some Brand New Liederhosen
08. Three Months Later
09. Dylan's Women
10. You Need a Stupid Girl
11. Click's Revenge
12. Faggot and a Fatgirl

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