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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mexican Power Authority - I Just Want It To Be Easy Plus 100 Year Old Shack EP


Sorry I posted this Jason, this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE album they released. And with clarinet to boot!!! According to http://goods.us.marketgid.com/goods/1953/972120/: The last and monumental full length recording of this now-defunct Canadian band (1991-1997) has finally been released on vinyl. Suffering from an acute case of multiple personality disorder, MPA was probably the world's only jazz-grind band with a clarinet player. The excellent studio recording of this album shows off their prog-rock and metal influences, yet they take it much further than others of the same genre - MPA rock; and this is a fucking masterpiece. Featuring members of (the) NEOs and TWP. "Be prepared to be weirded out severely."

I must try to find a copy on vinyl! :)

01. No One Like Someone Like You
02. 7x7 Gates
03. 8 Deer Tiger Claw
04. Ketch
05. Smoke Jaguar
06. Bonsai_Banzai
07. Poultrygeist
08. New World Odour
09. Icy Blue Razor of Logic
10. Dustbowl
11. Exoskeletune
12. Nazi Frogmen
13. Fossil Fuel Power Trip
14. We Need Several Lemmas
15. Kelp and Salal (Red Tide)
16. Dance of the Wageslaves
17. O.A.C. 3
18. Orthagonalizational Invigilator
19. Lachrymose
20. Cars (Gary Numan)
21. Tangles Up In Kurdt
22. U Haul
23. Doctor X Gogs
24. Sweet and Low Grind-o-Rama
25. Come On Down (Black Flag)
26. Tricky Sam
27. Orbit
28. Divorce (Wasted Lives)
29. 100 Year Old Shack

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