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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alcoholic White Trash - Punk Rock Jihad (Rats Nest Edition (Unmastered))

Here's the unreleased version of Punk Rock Jihad, which I always felt was a better version of this album (Crusty Records released Punk Rock Jihad but it sounds way more polished).

Alcoholic White Trash r
Ratboy Roy- Pretends To Sing
Knuckles- Drinks Beer And Tries To Plug in His Bass
Jay Brown (RiP)- Shouldn't Drink Rye.....
Gene-O- Jerks Off To Kerry King's Guitar Riffs

01. Blaim De La Blanc
02. Blunt A--- Trauma
03. Boozing and Hungry
04. Cancer
05. Barstool
06. Free Range Vegan
07. Punk Rock Jihad
08. I S--- My Cunt
09. The Great Muppet Caper
10. Offbeat Magazine Sucks
11. Reborn Alcoholic
12. Suck My Dick B----
13. Punk Rock Jihad (Danzig Mix)(Bonus Track)
14. Zero Days and Counting (Bonus Track)

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