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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Remanes-Barn Burner (UnMastered N UnReleased) (VBR)


I was hanging around the Rat's Nest during these sessions, simply a buncha talented people doing this. Nuff respect!!!

Apparently I was chatting with Mikey Remane about this album the other day at Ditch records and stated if I could get permission to put the album on my blog, since it was unreleased. Garry Brainless has been trying to get the record out for years, beats me why this is so (the mix isn't working?), then again, I'm still waiting for Garry to release a true mix of Micky Christ - User Friendly (the CD I posted here is the wrong mix from what Garry has told me).

01. Buffoon
02. Chicken Rooster
03. Corporate Affairs
04. Alfredo's
05. Little Kids (Play Hockey)
06. U Burn U Fry
07. Republicans
08. 412-6442
09. Cuntry Spiders
10. Retarded
11. Listen
12. Briefcase
13. I Luv Hockey
14. Death Song
15. Sue Nami
16. I Can't Figure It Out
17. Vikings (Hidden Track)

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