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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Stupes - Discography (VBR)


(Cover from The Stupes - The Stupes (30 min CrO2)) Here is the complete works of The Stupes. Someone wanted every track they came out with, and I was up to the challenge. So I took every track and made them the same audio level, as my sources were cassette and vinyl (no CD). I had fun doing this comp.

The Stupes were...
Glen: Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Tim: Guitar
Jon: Bass and Backing Vocals
Jamie: Drums

(Where I got that track (the source) is located in the brackets FYI.)

01. Dead Mars Revenge (Dead Mars Revenge 7")
02. Searchlight (Dead Mars Revenge 7")
03. Blackout (Dead Mars Revenge 7")
04. Chop Chop (Dead Mars Revenge 7")
05. Devilina (Demo For Nardwuar)
06. Defribilation (Demo For Nardwuar)
07. Dollhouse (Demo For Nardwuar)
08. Eep Opp Ork Ahha (Demo For Nardwuar)
09. Hoodlum (Demo For Nardwuar)
10. My Back (UnMixed) (Demo For Nardwuar)
11. Share It (Demo For Nardwuar)
12. What Can We Do? (Demo For Nardwuar)
13. Missing You Missing Me (Demo For Nardwuar)
14. Hot Shoe Man (Demo For Nardwuar)
15. Brickyard Trail (Demo For Nardwuar)
16. Trudy 2 Time (Happy Now 7")
17. I Think You Stink (The Stupes)
18. STOP (The Stupes)
19. Slingshot (The Stupes)
20. Transfer'd (The Stupes)
21. Keeper (The Stupes)
22. Lovers Leap (The Stupes)
23. Black Brant (The Stupes)
24. Lantzville Girl (The Stupes)
25. Your Creepin' Heart (The Stupes)
26. American Bandstand (Infamous Scientists)
27. Keeper (Unmixed) (Demo For Nardwuar)
28. Trudy-2-Time (Unmixed) (Demo For Nardwuar)

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  1. They were PEZ initially, weren't they?

    Wasn't there a song called "Jon Von's Gone"?

  2. Yeah, this is most (not all) of The Stupes stuff in mostly rough to horrible demo mixes / versions. But there was a PEZ demo with earlier versions of some of the songs and some others not included here.

    Earlier this year I finally digitized the original masters, and properly mixed (where possible) and fixed up a 16 track "Best Of" The Stupes for release. There where missing parts that were never recorded that I finished, and a lot of EQing and digital glitches to fix, but it's good to go. I just need to find the time to put together the packaging art / info and I'll release it to the half-dozen people who actually care - Glen Stupes.