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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Various - Garden City Dubs (Boomtown Records)


Haven't posted anything in quite awhile, so here is Garden City Dubs (Boomtown Records). Remember Boomtown Records?!? In any case, this is a very cool compilation and worth checking out. Enjoy...

01. Madison-My Definition
02. Me, Danuel and Dhula-Hard of Hearing
03. Flam and Shuffle-Leazy
04. Cobblestone Jazz-Live 03.14.99
05. Me, Danuel and Dhala-Five N Dime
06. Fractal Cactus-Zanzibar (Woods Dub)
07. Madison-Inamorate
08. Wood-Safety Meeting
09. Mathew Jonson-Fall
10. Cobblestone Jazz-Live 03.14.99
11. Valvet-Funky Dancer (Wood's BNT Remix)
12. Me Danuel and Dhala-Brazilianfeeassco
13. J&A-Ra-So

Info here...

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