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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Red Tide - Outta My Way (25 Song Demo)

MP3/192 kbps

The person who runs Noise Addiction offered a Red Tide gig I didn't know existed (Live at FOE), so in respect I'll offer this demo. I was gonna do a comp, and I might still do that, listening to the bootleg, the band possibly was gonna release an album after Final Solution (and I'd love to get my old FS demo back). In any case, enjoy...

01. Outta My Way
02. Sareena D.
03. What's So Wrong?
04. Fear to Live
05. Skayt Song
06. M.E. 83
07. Fascist Reign
08. Outta My Way II
09. Final Question
10. Incubator Slide
11. Big B.
12. Mona Lisa
13. False Acceptance
14. Surf Yer Hart
15. Nightmare (Partial)
16. Oolahttp
17. America
18. Spider Legs
19. Skool Pressure
20. A.D.S.
21. Tamatorama
22. Crooz Missle
23. Git-R.
24. Reprise
25. (Unknown)

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  1. Link is dead! :(
    I really wanna hear this demo again!
    Please fix!