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Monday, July 25, 2011

Various - Medium Raw Compilation (BYOV) (Non-Beta)

The comp. that started this crazy collection off...

Yep, that "infamous" compilation released back in the 80s from B.Y.O. Victoria. Produced (originally) by: Ken Jensen (RiP) (Red Tide) & Jeff Helgason. Transferred from a really crummy two track Type 1 (Normal) cassette. Processed using WaveLab v5.00/Steinberg Clean and normalized most if not all the tracks, twice. I do believe this is the best I can make it sound, IMO!

Track 1-4 came from the NEOs reissues which were grabbed from Alt.Binaries.Punk. Tracks 17-20 came from the Patriot 12" rip I did from cassette (thanx Jason Flower!!!), which actually sounds really good.

Another version of the rip was used to compare the version I have, my thanks to
Larry Petersen, who runs the Reynolds Rocks website.

January 13th, 2007: Dropped all the levels down (some at -6 db), appears to sound a bit better. Also edited the start and end of each track.

July 31, 2007: Copied over tracks that were on the All Your Ears Can Hear comp. to the Medium Raw comp. as the mix was WAY better. (Red Tide-Nato Actionaut and Jerk Ward-UFO.)

01. NEOs-Typical Obligatory Anti-Government Song
02. NEOs-Life Sentence
03. NEOs-I Don't Wanna Be
04. NEOs-Sexual Revolution
05. Automatic Shock-Mushrooms
06. Automatic Shock-Fuck Off
07. Chronic Submission-Sick of Reality
08. Chronic Submission-Narc
09. Chronic Submission-Oscar
10. Jerk Ward-I Love the Girls
11. Jerk Ward-Major Threat
12. Jerk Ward-U.F.O.
13. Infamous Scientists-Noise 'N Rhythm
14. Infamous Scientists-I Can't Get the Sounds I Want
15. L.S.D.-Ursula (pre-Dayglo's project.)
16. S.S. Top-Swamp Stomp (pre-Dayglo's project.)
17. House of Commons-Way Down South
18. House of Commons-Low
19. House of Commons-1999
20. House of Commons-American Patriot
21. Da Jeep-Only When It Rains
22. Da Jeep-Anti Sex
23. Da Jeep-Purple Jeep
24. Red Tide-My Son is a Kuahara
25. Red Tide-NATO Actionaut
26. Red Tide-First Strike
27. Dayglo Abortions-Bedtime Story
28. Dayglo Abortions-Proud to be Canadian
29. Dayglo Abortions-Argh Fuck Kill
30. Dayglo Abortions-Nuclear Supremacy

(From the back of the Zine)

Putting Victoria on the map B.Y.O.V.
NEOS - you cant put out a compilation without these guys.
AUTOMATIC SHOCK - not your average band, these guys deserve a listen.
CHRONIC SUBMISSION, JERK WARD - two very young bands from the east and west,
full of spunk.
INFAMOUS SCIENTISTS - bringing back some memories of a very entertaining
trio who helped start the victoria scene. (It's Andy Kerr, Kev Lee and John
Wright (Editor))
L.S.D., SS-TOP - you'll never see these guys live so what the hell eh?
H.O.C. - one of victorias first, now situated in vancouver and getting the
recognition they deserve.
DAJEEP - could this be victorias first Oi band? great singalong tunes.
RED TIDE - these guys go beyond your average hardcore thrash.
DAY-GLOW ABORTIONS - this crazy trio plays some of the finest heavy metal
hardcore around.

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