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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Coconut Bulldozer - Coconut Bulldozer


Getting some work finished!!! This is Coconut Bulldozer, a Victoria / Poland / Czech Republic project. I can't remember the actual story on how this band got together, but apparently when Jason Flower was in Europe some musicians wanted to jam with him (I fergot what they call the music they did, if Jason is reading this perhaps he can message me with the correct story and I'll update this.) Originally I found this demo on Soulseek, but the volume sounded too low, plus it must of been a raw version of the demo cause I had to edit out the silence at the start of each track (the exception being Be Kind Victoria) (there is a chord at the start of the song, listen closely). Jason Flower doesn't really know how it leaked, but it wasn't like the band was planning to release it anyways (although it would be sweet if they did), it's a great project though, another one of my favorite local demos (although it was taped in Europe). Enjoy...

01. Armindaczacza
02. Be Kind Victoria (feat Neil Young :)
03. Blueclaw Loves Coconut
04. Car Alarm
05. Clouds
06. Fuck Army
07. Hungry Steps
08. Immigrant Ratrace
09. Life Sentence (NEOs)
10. Panties and Pigears Wer 1
11. Panties and Pigears Wer 2
12. Perpetual Halloween Costume Wrzesien
13. They'll Destroy Themselves (NEOs)
14. Tomorrows Hostility
15. Trends & Cliques
16. Violent City
17. You've Chosen Misery

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