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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shutdown - Tales of Numbness and Bliss (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Devon O'Brien recently E-Mailed me on Facebook and asked me for a link to Shutdown - Tales of Numbness and Bliss. Of course, I didn't know what link he spoke of, so I decided to re-upload it to my Mediafire account, so here ya go Devon (wish I had the cover, thought I did). Enjoy...

01. Fix
02. Don't Want That
03. Thermos
04. Stickin' It In
05. Teflon
06. Fish People
07. Curbstomp
08. Full Deck
09. Broham
10. Cruisin'
11. Thick
12. Attitude Project
13. Police Woman
14. Good Hits ((Has a) Strange Drop Out)
15. Sauce Monkey
16. One Way or Another (Blondie)

Info here...

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