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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Render Useless - Render Useless 7" (Cleaned Linear Vinyl Rip)


Danielle Sherring asked for some Render Useless on the Facebook group page, so here's another one of my favorite local demos...

Paul: Guitar/Vocals
Jay: Bass/Vocals
Ben: Drums/Vocals

The music and lyrics compiled and recorded here are the combined effort of three
individuals. Inspirted by life we play for ourselves and for anyone who wishes to
listen. It is to the diversity found within the independant music world that this
record is dedicated to. May thanks to our friends and families. Props to D.I.Y.

Recorded and mixed by Scott Henderson and Render Useless in the Sea of Shit
Victoria B.C. Canada. Cover photo taken 04/19/95 at Two Yout's by Paul Raccicot. Enjoy...

01. Grow
02. Watershed
03. Compromise
04. Desperation Days

Info here...

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  1. Hopefully I don't get in shit from Clue #2 records for posting this (they released the 24 songs compilation, http://www.clue2records.com (scroll down the page and you eventually come across it).