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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Contempt - Contempt and Unreleased Demo (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Here's something I could of sworn I posted, but I guess I was wrong. The original copy I had had a few glitches, luckilly I recieved some cassette donations a few month's ago, and one demo was this Contempt demo, so :) Very cool Lettuce (Betty Ford/Junkie Death Squad) / Wolf (Black Kronstadt/Iskra) project!!! This demo has a definate Black Flag influence!

(From the demo...)
Contempt is: Geoff Smith - Drums
Steve Flach - Bass
Wolfman - Guitar
Jonathan - Vocals

Thanks to: (In no particular order) Dylan for free tats; Dwayne for facial expressions and herbs; John Crookes for taking us in when we were homeless and smelly and giving us love; food, shelter, tea and herbs; Chrissie P. for friendship; Levi, we told you about the gig; Bill for bass lending and being the butt of our short jokes... Did anyone ever tell you that you look like John Cougar?; Mike M. for hard depressing reality; Jeff Cole for being his straightedged self; Greg and Wendy for support, jamspace, food, Wolf, coffee, rides and herbs; Anne for support, food, jamspace, Van, crashspace, Geoff and rides; Chris Wierenga for jamspace, Golden Earring stories and the jazzy sax jam; Raph & family for our Westcoast venue and realistic insight; Irv for the four track; Donovan Ray for initiative, energy and herbs; Charlotte for our first Vic. gig; all West Coast surfers and skaters; Gary Brainless for his cool expertise in the studio; Ug, you reliable bastard; Our former singers for trying to cope; Serena for leaving the door unlocked; Janelle for keeping our coffee cups filled; Wolf and Jonathan thank Janet and Lisa for warmth and
putting up with our many smells.

Recorded and Engineered by Gary Brainless at the Rat's Nest. March 28 and 29, 1992. Produced by Contempt. Contempt is powered by coffee.

F*** YOU:
Joey and Claire Wilsher: For kicking us out of our house with a baseball bat at 4am and throwing our worldly possessions in the driveway at 10am. You've become what you hated, you anus-licking, rectum snarling, hairy scrotum gargling, schmegma-sucking s***bag.

Any "Peace" Officers we've encountered: When the system fails, you'll fall with it, you Nazi pigs. It won't be long.

Ucluelet Seafood Processors: Take your hake machine and shove it up your free-trade, American Corporation kissing asshole.

Prairie Bible Institute: For pushing Jonathan's friends to attempting suicide.

Ucluelet Secondary School: For being the closed-minded oppressors they are. Take your art scholarships and f*** off. Our amps are back on & louder than ever (naughty words included).

Carolyn Buck-F***: For kicking us out of two jamspots. By the way, we ate the chips in the wreck hall and drank that orangy syrupy s***, too.

-Contempt started in 1988 Ucluelet, B.C.
-Wolf Edwards (me), Steve Flach and Geoff Smith were the original members.
-first influences were Sex Pistols, Black Flag, DOA etc.
-started playing in Ucluelet was at our high school. It was complete chaos. The principle tried to pull the plug after one song and students started to throw chairs around and yell at the faculty. We were suspended for our last 2 days of school for an act of resistance.
-we moved to Victoria immediately afterwards and started playing shows every weekend and did our first tape.
-started broden our knowledge of punk with bands like crass conflict and discharge.
-also became much more aware and involved with anarchism.
-started to associate with different crowds and Jonathan left after a show in
-for last year Lettuce (Chris) joined the band.
-the band matured musically and philosophically but in larger cities we were a bit of an 80's throwback.
-played our last show on discovery st. and whent our seperate ways.
-Jonathan lives in Ucluelet and has 2 kids and does construction. Geoff lives in Courtney, they both played in a band called Wretch for a while. Steve lives in Vancouver plays with Submission Hold. Lettuce travels in and out Victoria and plays in Betty Ford. I started with my friend Dean Black Kronstadt, which lasted about 4 years. I recently finished a degree in music composition and just moved to Montreal.
-Thanks to Devin for this tape and I hope you enjoy the music. (wolf 2000)
01. Government Issue
02. Dictator
03. F.T.P.
04. Outcast
05. Seperate Reality
06. Common Enemy
07. Your World
08. Self Obliteration
09. Boarding School
10. Grandfather Clock
11. Swinging on a String
12. Societal Rape and Tension Wire (Unreleased Demo)
13. Fictionalized Reality (Unreleased Demo)
14. Operation Desert Death (Unreleased Demo)
15. Mind Games (Unreleased Demo)
16. False Liberty (Unreleased Demo)
17. Resist (Unreleased Demo)
18. The Bars (Black Flag) (Unreleased Demo)

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