I've been collecting Victoria, BC demos for close to 13 years now, hopefully you'll find something of interest.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brady's Problem

Not often I'll plug non-Victoria bands, but I just got the Brady's Problem CD from Talk's Cheap yesterday. This band is from Vancouver, BC and THEY ROCK!!! Be sure to pick up this CD. There on Absolute Underground Records/CrastyAss records, I paid $10 for it at Talk's Cheap (I think it's the same price at AUR). Check it, nuff said...


  1. this is my friends band. the singer was in a local thrash metal band in the 80's called Organized Kaos. the drummer also plays in a few other bands including Necroholocaust and Infect Propaganda

  2. Good band! Maybe they'll do a Cambie gig with Keg Killers in the future. (that's Cambie in Esquimalt, and video tape the sucker for DVD distro :) Alas, I babble.)

  3. Brady has a problem, and the problem is the man!!! So true!!!