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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hudson Mack (Something Wrong) and Goat Boy (War Against Oppression) Split CD (256 kbps)

MP3 / 320 kbps

On our Facebook page, Danielle Sherring asked for a Hudson Mack tune (The Police "So Lonely" cover) so looking at what Hudson Mack I have I found it on the split CD w/Goat Boy. (Sorry, we don't post single tracks.) I don't know too much about this CD, I know they did another split CD w/Goat Boy, in any case enjoy!!! Hudson Mack eventually became AK47.

01. Goatboy-Sing With Fire
02. Goatboy-End the Rope
03. Goatboy-Prisons Are Small Victory Is Big
04. Goatboy-She Said No
05. Goatboy-Dead
06. Goatboy-All the Suffering
07. Goatboy-The People Will Rise
08. Goatboy-No To Elections Yes To Peoples War & She is Not a F---
09. Goatboy-Yankee Go Home
10. Goatboy-War Against Oppression
11. Goatboy-Look Around
12. Hudson Mack-Wake Up
13. Hudson Mack-Ha Needs a Punch
14. Hudson Mack-No Solution
15. Hudson Mack-What Do You Fear
16. Hudson Mack-The Storm
17. Hudson Mack-Something Wrong
18. Hudson Mack-Never Coming Home
19. Hudson Mack-Downtown
20. Hudson Mack-Celebrate What?
21. Hudson Mack-Bravo
22. Hudson Mack-Innocent People
23. Hudson Mack-Don't Fool Yourself
24. Hudson Mack-American Cheese
25. Hudson Mack-Not the Way
26. Hudson Mack-Your Words Still Live
27. Hudson Mack-So Lonely
28. Hudson Mack-Why Am I So Rotten?

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this. I lost my Goatboy/Hudson Mack disc and found it at random when I was searching for a song. Couldn't remember if it was Hudson Mack or D.B.S that did the song I was looking for, but definitely was played at a show that featured both.