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Friday, November 4, 2011

Various - Newlywed Nearlydead (MT001)


Filling in more requests, this time Mikey Jak asked fer the Newlywed Nearlydead compilation. (From the comp.) Special Thanx to Mark at Unison for the mastering, Donna for the great artwork, Betty, Charlie for his computer wizardry, all the bands that waited so long for this, hope it was worth it.

01. Coiler-Lunch
02. Coiler-Johnny's Gotta Pee
03. Coiler-Luv Me
04. Contempt-False Liberty
05. Contempt-Resist
06. Goatboy-Misdirect
07. Goatboy-Choice
08. Goatboy-Free Gonzalo
09. Laffing Stock-Top
10. Laffing Stock-Important
11. Madman-Fat Chicks
12. Madman-World is S***
13. Madman-Cruisin
14. Mexican Power Authority-Automodeath
15. Mexican Power Authority-Hopeless Astrocytoma
16. Mexican Power Authority-Eskimomalt
17. Mexican Power Authority-Origami
18. Mexican Power Authority-Vigesimal Reckoning
19. Mexican Power Authority-Victorian Punk (Live)
20. Micky Christ-Garden of Stone
21. Micky Christ-Monster
22. Musterd Punt-Dreams
23. Musterd Punt-Words
24. Resistance-Lottery Blues
25. Resistance-No More Lies
26. Spikey Norman-Decline of the American Empire
27. SunDogSun-Confined Confounded Confused
28. SunDogSun-Theme Song
29. Tallguy Shortguy-Hiway Freaker
30. Utopic Mind Slaves-Ice House
31. Utopic Mind Slaves-You Shape My World

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