I've been collecting Victoria, BC demos for close to 13 years now, hopefully you'll find something of interest.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The current status on the bl0g...

I really need to figure out whether or not to keep running the bl0g. I haven't done any work on it in month's, ideas anyone? BTW: Here's my take on finding demos, I'd be happy finding certain demos, which certain people have, but it's no loss to me if I don't find these demos. It's like certain people in Victoria, BC really don't want me to do what I've been doing as a hobby for over 10 years... go figure. *shrug* In any case, glad certain people have enjoyed what I've done!!!

In any case, I won't be taking the blog down, as there is a lot of music still on it. Peace...


  1. I don't have fb, but if Lando or Ache Hour Credo ever put something out I would be interested in that for download for suuure.

  2. I definitely appreciate your blog! I was in 'Vox Populi' all those years ago and it was a happy accident to come across your blog. Have been checking back weekly to see when you would start doing new posts. Would be great to see some Vinaigrettes up here... Thanks for doing that extra bit of work to share the fruits of your hobby with the rest of us.