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Saturday, April 21, 2012

House of Commons - All Your Ears Can Hear CD Reunion Gig


OK, time to get some new demos posted. I actually found a LID demo, as well as a new comp., my thanks to Tiemen for new music, nice to see people helping me out!!! Anyhow, he asked me if I could post the House of Commons set from the All Your Ears Can Hear CD Reunion gig, oh and I have full permission from Neil "Embo" Emery to post this, killer set, and worth checking out!!! BTW: Blind Marc is drummer, impressive!!! I was at this gig, and it was I think one of the last shows I went to. Sorry, I hate the gigs, not cause of the bands, but the fact that I never really hang around with anyone and I feel like a sore thumb. Go figure... Anyhow here's the start of the demos I'll post. BTW: The graphic originally came from the Artcore fanzine and the CD that came with the magazine, but I needed something quick to copy *shrug* :).

01. Intro (Where's Much Music and Nerdware?!?)
02. American Patriot
03. Low
04. Scum Factory
05. Insane
06. Way Down South
07. Officer Friendly Blues (A.K.O.B.)
08. Here Today... Gone Tomorrow
09. Killers Pride
10. Raid/1999

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  1. Nice, I've a great HOC live set from 1984 on my blog

  2. I actually have the Live at Luv Affair bootleg.