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Monday, May 14, 2012

Dayglo Abortions - Metropole Sessions 82 (Unreleased 7")

MP3 / 320 kbps

Here's a rare, unreleased Dayglo Abortions 7". This came from Soulseek, I didn't know it existed till I ran into it by accident. According to Jason's post on Good bad Music for bad, bad times! , this is the Metropole Session produced by Scott Henderson (he also did the 2nd Neos 7″) in 1982. It was to be released as a 7″ EP, but later abandoned. Two songs were remixed and featured on the All Your Ears Can Hear, Underground Music in Victoria 1978-84 CD(s). (A few tracks also appeared on a Feed Us a Fetus re-issue, put out by God records. The versions are the same except they were remixed, less reverb, more guitar.).

Jamie also had comments about this EP: I got it from Scott Henderson in 1986 or 87 as Scott worked with me at the time and knew of my unhealthy obsession of most things metal and punk. I don’t recall him referring to it as an unreleased EP at the time but perhaps he had forgotten himself. “Whiter Than Hitler” and “Let’s Go **** The **** Brain” (the bands ode to Brooke Shields and her vapid Jordache jeans commercials at the time) remain otherwise unreleased to this day. “Nuclear Supremacy” would later appear (albeit in an inferior rerecorded version) on the “Little Man In the Canoe” album. Great to hear it again after all these years…love the bass tone on it.

According to Scott Henderson (who recorded it): Ah memories! Recorded in the concrete basement of the Metropole at a ridiculous volume on my old Tascam series 70 1/2″ 4 track that recorded so much early Victoria punk. The nice bass tone is because for some reason the boys (sans Spud) insisted that I overdub the bass tracks on top of the original; I can’t remember why (probably because the bass was on the drum tracks and wasn’t loud enough; I don’t think it was because of any failings in Spud’s bass playing even though, yes, we were all pretty gooned). The furnace room there had a tiny drain in the corner that doubled as a urinal; handy (if you were a guy that is). I remember being unable to monitor anything because of the volume in this tiny room so I basicaly recorded it visually by watching the VU meters. The things we do for “art”…

Oh, and Willy Jak just informed me that all these tracks will be on the new Dayglo Abortions 2xCD live album!!! Killer!!! Wonder if we'll see a DVD as well?!?

01. bedtime story
02. let's go **** the **** brain
03. whiter than hitler
04. proud to be a canadian
05. aaargh,****,kill
06. Ronald mcReagan
07. nuclear supremacy

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