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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Disciples of Abelard - The Importance of Being Ernest (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Jeremy Owen Turner made a request on one of his pictures for some Disciples of Abelard, and I figured what the heck so I posted the demo he asked for!!! Awesome demo (although I like both demo's, I preferred this one)!!!

D of A is: Brett Johnston - Drum guy
                   Peter Spriggs - Bass guy
               Paul Shrimpton - Voice man
                    Paul Spriggs - Guitar guy

This demo was recorded on April 8th by DofA in the Spriggs' Basement, all songs by Paul & Paul except F.D.C.C. by Dustin Shwam and Give Copz Do-Nutz by Schkwugm and Shawn Walsh/ 16 60MFA PHOME UBHIGGIN.

BIG TIME THANX TO: Peter Nyers, Shawn Walsh "Cover Apt", Dustin Schwam (the "other" Abelards), Monica Pozzolo and Kathryn Wilson, Mike Carrow, Dwayne, Gerald and Gilbert (M.J.) Mom N' Dad Spriggs, Mark Snoblin, Joanna McDougall, Dr. Ken Fletcher, Scott Lake and Brian Tait (for insreration), Noan Sound, CFUV radio, Tim Horton's and Robin's donutz, the A&L Bakery (for the BEST donutz in the world), finally, Rush, Minor Threat, and Seven Seconds (again for inspiration).

A Morons Inc. production 1989 "Don't Ya Know!?"

For wholesale dough-nutz, customized grapefruit, loud noises, 316 cars, broken refrigerators, super-big underpants, strange religious material, Abelard campfire sing-a-long songs, many silly memories and other works of cosmic importance, please let one come our way to: Disciples of Abelard.

01. Abeland Mosh
02. Ernest Kuntortz
03. You Don't Care
04. Mickey Mouse (Stole My Bid)
05. Give Cops Do-Nutz
06. Who's #1?
07. Better World
08. F.D.C.C. (Fletcher Does Cheap Coke)
09. Dangerous Game
10. Our Nation

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  1. THX for this one,unknown band,but has some pretty good songs on it!

    and about your last post
    children and drunk people are telling the truth ;-0
    stay young till your die!
    take care

  2. Yeah well, it's a head issue, I understand why I have my days, honestly I've always loved this demo, should of posted it sooner...

    Micky Mouse, Micky Mouse, Micky Mouse!!!