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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Infamous Scientists - Trouble 12" (Cleaned Vinyl Rip)


(Graphic courtesy Punklandia) Here's a 12" the nice people at COOP radio in Vancouver were nice enough to lend me (this was the band that eventually became NoMeansNo), it's funny, I originally bought the 12" when it first came out (it's worth a fortune these days) at a record store next to where Pagliacci's is located (they were on the second floor, there's a florists located there, sigh my drunken memory :) but really didn't like it. Although since I love NoMeansNo now I actually enjoy the 12" now. Go figure. This was also posted as an example of being able to copy vinyl more then anything, and this was done on a non linear turntable. Enjoy...

01. Canada's Pissed
02. Trouble
03. Human Liberation
04. Can't Get the Sounds
05. Nation to Nation

Info here...


  1. This one is such a gooder! Thanks for sharing your efforts, and thanks for using the .zip compression... way easier to work with as an end user!

  2. aCk... I screwed up! I'll keep it, but the main reason I use TAR is cause it's the best compression for the MP3 format. I did the same thing with LID. Sigh... but you can always download 7Zip for TAR files ya know.