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Saturday, June 9, 2012

L.I.D. - Beer Mug on Sampler (Cleaned Tape Rip)


FINALLY got around to working on this (I had copied it to hard drive, then had a total meltdown and gave up on it, since I recently tweaked my ankle walking home from Logan's on a work night (BTW: Mendozza are a cool band live, and I suggest you go see them when they play next)) so it gave me a chance to catch up on doing stuff (I can't drink, go figure, I refuse to work on audio when I've had a few). So here's LID - Beer Mug On sampler. This originally came from a copy of the demo tape, there was a noticeable dropout which I fixed with iZotope RX, plus the levels at the start of CAN I HELP YOU? were strange, I also fixed this. I borrowed this demo from Tiemen at Talk's Cheap (who bought it from Garry Brainless) so you can thank Garry or Tiemen for said demo. BTW: I really like the Smart Like a Dumptruck B-Side on it.

01. Bitter Dregs
02. Power is for assholes
03. Rukus
04. MC5
05. Not all there
06. What I gotta do
07. Thomas crapper
08. Busface
09. Settle down
10. Camaro
11. What's your XcusE?
12. Bitch
13. Vetoed
14. Grey poupon
15. Dukes
16. Goodpiss & Brluy c you & Get on the floor
18. CAN I HELP YOU? (B-Side)
19. Charlie arson (B-Side)
20. Smart like a dumptruck (B-Side)
21. 4 track Andy Seibert project (B-Side)
22. Shock treatment 95 (B-Side)
23. Barely cyou 95 (B-Side)
24. CFUV with Uncle Ian (B-Side)

This demo has been tagged by the DMCA morons....

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