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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jerk Ward - 12 Songs in 16 Minutes (AYECH Reunion)


So the sad news came yesterday, Mr. Jon London passed on... jeez that was totally unexpected (I heard about the tragic news from Stephen McBean on Facebook), although I never met Jon in person (at least I don't think), I was friends with him on Facebook. Anyhow I really didn't know what to post, until I remembered (sorta) he played at the All Your Ears Can Hear reunion gig. I was at the reunion, and I was never a fan of Jerk Ward, till I saw them live that night, talk about a powerful set!!! It literally blew me away. I even bought the 12" re-issue that was released!!! Oh and this post is dedicated to Jon London, may he rest in peace!!!

Oh and I have full permission to post this set (same with the House of Commons set I posted earlier), so if your troubled by this, well tough. :) Just enjoy the wonderful drumming of Mr. Jon London, we've lost another talented individual from Victoria, BC!!!

01. (Crowd Banter)
02. Intro and I Love the Girls
03. Major Threat & F.U. Quincy
04. Flesh and Bones
05. Death Inferno
06. Inside My Mind
07. Millions of Dead BMXers
08. Angry Salmon
09. Blind Hatred
10. Rot My Mind
11. Kill the Pongos
12. U.F.O.

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