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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sludge Confrontations - Sludge Confrontations (BE 071)


While continuing our Jon London week here at VDRP :), I thought I would post another band that Jon London used to be in, Sludge Confrontations. Following the death of the bands Jerk Ward and the NEOs, Jon and Kev got this band together in a matter of two or three practices, nailing a dozen originals and playing a gig within a few weeks. Tim Crow was cornered at the bar and enlisted minutes before the set. After the set Michael Thorne and Chris Buck became involved by approaching the band, gibbering with excitement. This guaranteed their presence on a 17-song demo recorded a few weeks later, where Michael handled most vocals (though Chris is heard on some backing vocals. In 1985 the band enjoyed a creative year of activity with Chris Buck on the mic. (Taken from the All Your Ears Can Hear booklet, avaliable in fine shops everywhere!!!). Enjoy this fine compilation...

01. Vegetable Garden
02. Nordic Racist
03. Waiting For Godot
04. Heresy and The Icon
05. Slug Death
06. Astronomy
07. Cucumber Patch
08. Human Table
09. Chopping Block
10. Moujik with Scythe
11. Fish Bones
12. Nasal Surgeon
13. Haunting Lampshade
14. Chimney
15. Armoured Division
16. Los Muertos
17. Burning Red Eyes
18. Travelling Monk with a Crazy Poem
19. Gates of Kiev
20. Nazcastronaut
21. Rotting Salmon
22. Broken Fingers
23. Moose Head
24. Beautiful Vampyre
25. Wind and Rain
26. Frog Eating Bat
27. Salt Mines
28. Towers of Silence
29. Dragon Prawn with Vegetables (misspelled MP3)
30. (Ol) Black Fur-Munge
31. Cement Ocean
32. Dog Curry
33. Beautiful Vampyre
34. Crazy Monk with a Crazy Poem
35. Shadowy Grass
36. Moose Head
37. Hermit
38. Dead
39. Severed Cat
40. Chimney
41. Rainstorm
42. Salmon-Faced Beast
43. Broken Fingers
44. Forgotten Skull
45. Bleeding Earth
46. Ice Jar

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