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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mexican Power Authority/Insult to Injury Split 7" (Cleaned Linear Vinyl Rip)


Still suffering with my ankle injury, so I figured I'd post the Insult to Injury/M.P.A. 7". I was searching for something and came upon mention of this on GonnaGetSued. Apparently Insult to Injury turned into the band Submission Hold. Enjoy...

Mexican Power Authority - Eiskonfekt
Insult to Injury - Insult to Injury

01. Mexican Power Authority-Unnecessary Seance
02. Mexican Power Authority-Constellation
03. Mexican Power Authority-Dustbowl
04. Mexican Power Authority-Car Alarm
05. Mexican Power Authority-Flipsy
06. Mexican Power Authority-Icy Blue Razor of Logic
07. Mexican Power Authority-Nocturne Number 28
08. Mexican Power Authority-Eve of Destruction
09. Insult to Injury-Backlash
10. Insult to Injury-Broken Whole
11. Insult to Injury-Fear Hating
12. Insult to Injury-Ed Anger

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