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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just-B - Open Tops (Cleaned Tape Rip)


I was playing around with ripping an analog source at 96 kHz, I didn't like it at first, but I just re-listened to it, and I think it's listenable *shrug*. Downloader beware!!! BTW: I got this after I went to Steamers after my shift was over at Pagliacci's (workin' wit the HipHop cru!!!!), and bought it from Just-B, he seemed like a decent person when I met him, at the time it was a decent buy, I think it still holds up. Enjoy one of my mad experiments...

01. Canadian Beauty (Intro)
02. Open Tops (Cuts and Backspins By Verse)
03. Be Like (Interlude)
04. Perceptions (feat Demoe One)
05. Wonderful (feat Moka Only and Kirby Dominant)
06. Its So Sad to Me
07. Hope (Interlude)
08. Cosmic Dust
09. The Great Mistake
10. Dimensions in the Threat
11. What If (Interlude)
12. Ever (Interlude)
13. It Seems Redeemable (Cuts By Murge)
14. Can You Feel It (feat Demoe One - Cuts By Phonograph)
15. The One
16. See You Later (Cuts by D Wiz)

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