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Monday, June 11, 2012

Kincaide - The Landscape Versus


Here is Kincaide - The Landscape Versus, this is a really strong CD, and worth checking out. Unfortunately the band is no more, and I'm curious if any of the members are in new projects. A couple strong tracks on this CD: The Devouring (simply a killer ending to this track) and Something SURVIVED. There was one track that got played on The Zone FM and that was Sweet Anodyne. As usual, enjoy!!!

kincaide is:
steve dejong
chris sutherland
matt cecill
dusty roads

lyrics by steve dejong
all music by kincaide
guest vocals on 06 by carley julien
guest vocals on something survived, 06, devouring by adam sutherland
the landscape is constantly flat+ ayahuasquero vocal samples: terrance mckenna

drum recording at gamma studios, victoria bc
all other recording at infinity studios, victoria bc
art concept and design by matt and chris cecill
mastered by alex degrace at suite sound labs
released 100% independently

01. The Landscape is Cosistently Flat
02. Angels and Archetypes
03. Sweet Anodyne
04. The Devouring
05. Something SURVIVED
06. _______
07. Ayahuasquero
08. Diamonds
09. The Business of SUBTLE Distress
10. Maps For the Blind
11. Bad News Bears and the Twenty-Five Jam

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