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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Italian Edition - The Fable of the Mouse and the Frog


Another really decent CD that was released a few years ago, this is a very solid album, and worth grabbing. I don't know too much about the band, though I do believe I saw them on Much Music once, enjoy...

Italian Edition is: jack derricourt vocals dave williams guitar, background vocals peter braga guitar jay bhattacharyya drums, additional percussion matt morrison bass guitar

all words and music by italian edition
recorded, produced, and mixed by adam sutherland for infinity music in victoria, bc
cd mastered, and drums tracked by zak cohen at woodshop recording studio in duncan, bc
mark lavoie from 'hey marmaduke' plays bass on "nathalie," and "interlude #2"
psych-key skills courtesy of adam sutherland
design by unlogik.com calligraphy by yomar augusto

01. Show Me Yours
02. New Country
03. Miss Demeanor
04. Scents
05. First Interlude
06. Nathalie
07. All Our Oxygen
08. 1889-1965
09. Reality TV Musings
10. Japanese Success Story
11. Latin Bossa Nova
12. Second Interlude
13. Driveway Sins

Info here...

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