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Monday, June 18, 2012

Pressure Cooker - On CBC Nightline (Live at UVic 94-08-26) (Cleaned Tape Rip)


On the Facebook profile recently, a conversion started about the very first Pressure Cooker demo called "Cooked" (Michael Pollard mentioned this), now I didn't realize they released a tape demo (I thought they only released the Contents Under Pressure CD), so I figured that I would post the only live audio I have of the band. This was first heard on the CBC program Nightline, which begs the question, what other Victoria bands did they play on the show, and did they play live sets?!? As usual, enjoy this fun set!!!

01. Track 01
02. Buried
03. LSD
04. Hybrid Junkie
05. Not In Service
06. Happy Day
07. Girl in the Bathroom
08. Monkey Man (The Specials)
09. Relic
10. Liberator
11. In the Bar
12. In That Mood Again
13. aLAska
14. Man in the Street
15. African
16. Activate
17. God Save the Queen (Sex Pistols)
18. The Host of Nightline

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  1. #3 is LSD from the Contents Under Pressure CD.
    #8 is a cover of The Specials "Monkey Man"

    #1 sounds familiar, could be a cover of something.

  2. Is there anywhere we can still find this? It appears to be gone. I would love to hear it!

  3. I remember the gigs... :( they were awesome... I miss them!!