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Friday, June 1, 2012

Section 46 - Section 46 (Cleaned Tape Rip)


Getting some demos finished, thought I had already done the S46 demo, so here ya go!
Thanx to: Carol (for helping copy the lyrics), NF Tony (for inspiration on Racist Asshole & singing "Bad Man" at the Nest), Monique, Denise, Fritz, Al, Patty, Roy, Andrew, Fingal, Rick, Dave Ritz, the Victoria, Saanich, and Oak Bay Police for inspiration on "Police Force", and occasionally giving Chris & Tony a place to sleep for the night, Doug, Reconstituted Irene, Discombobulated Henry, College Boy, Loopy Bruce, Peter, Brendan, Matt (the fart king of the world), Betty, Steve, Jeff, Gary, John, and the crew and all of you!

A special thanks to the brewers and maltsters of Malt Beer Beer.

Chris & Tony also wish to thank the makers of cheap red wine.

01. High Treason
02. False Democracy
03. BDA6
04. Survive
05. Things Like This
06. PWB
07. Hypocrisy
08. The Not So Civil War
09. What Does Normal Mean
10. Some Things
11. Forgotten and Cast Aside
12. No Conformity
13. Cynics
14. Escape
15. Police Force
16. Ambition
17. Were Fighting Back
18. Downfall
19. Kill the Hunter (For Sport)
20. Racist Asshole
21. Title Bout
22. Turn Your Back
23. Where Do We Go
24. (The Kids) Always Lose
25. That's All

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